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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007

Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides
10 Orwell Terrace
Edinburgh EH11 2DY

0131 346 1405

Date: Aug 6 – 8, 16 – 26
Time: 19:15 & 23.00
Ticket: £8.00

projectWINGS: A hypnotic combination of tap dance, body percussion, live music and film created in Prague, Czech Republic. Three Czechs and one English girl synthesize with a musical octopus in a revolution renovation of signs and wonders.

“Best performance of the year!!!”, Theatre Magazine

“Show of complete unrestraint”, The Prague Post
Václav Muška

Despite his early study at technical university, he’s stepin’, tapin’, dancin’... in a good way! He has worked with such dance groups as UNO, Swing Kids and Universal Dancers. As a dancing tutor, he made many people happy with revelation of secrets of tap dancin’ As a choreographer, he created unforgettable dance numbers for musical comedy Singin’ in the Rain at Theatre HDK in Prague.

Jan Bursa and projectWINGS

Martin Šebestík

Carli Jefferson

Artistic Supervision:
Aleš Janák (Teatr Novogo Fronta)

Carli Jefferson

Born in Essex, England, she is professionally trained in tap, modern theatre, ballet and jazz dance. She received a degree at Dance with Visual Practice, specializing in site–specific choreography, film, sculpture and light installation She performed with European touring company STOMP. She moved to Prague, motivated to work more fully on project WINGS Carli currently trains in Flamenco, street styles of dance and Butoh. Ultimately, she is inspired to create fusion of her eclectic dance to create a challenging and interesting performance.

Pavel Strouhal

In the past, he cooperated with dance groups UNO, Universal Dancers and Swing Kids, as a dancer. He earns his living by performing in many musicals in his native country. He has trained with the world’s best tap dancers, including Gregory Hines. Together with Honza Bursa, he took part in New York City Tap Festival. His choreographic work for musical theatre is praised for its original conception and energy. The most inspiring work he’s ever done, Pavel includes original choreography for: Cats, Chicago, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change…and Grease musical show.

Jan Bursa

He made his first dance debut as a 5 year old, but his professional career started with renowned UNO dance company based in Prague He trained under many famous tutors such as Gregory Hines, Barbara Duffy, Savion Glover and many more... Honza is also a very talented choreographer. A longtime collaborator with legendary Czech music-hall star, Jirí Korn, made him hugely successful in the world of choreography.

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