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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008
Drum Drama
Highland Festival Media (Scotland)

City Edinburgh
1a Market Street
Edinburgh EH1 1DE

0131 226 9560

Date: Aug 4 – 24
Time: 16.00 (1hr)
Ticket: £8.50 (£6.50)

Aug 4 – 15, 17 – 24

Time: 19.30 (1hr)
Ticket: £10.00 (£8.00)

The most amazing and exciting art in the world with thousands of years’ history. Each passage narrates a story of emotions that transcend mere canorous drum music. Resplendent costume, representational in nature.

“Dramatic and heart-stopping”, Hong Kong Art Festival


Drum Drama comes from the Shang dynasty (1523-1028 B.C).

Ancient Chinese drumming and percussive traditions date back thousands of years and are representational in nature, meaning that each passage you will hear in this performance tells a story or imparts emotions that transcend mere drum music, and convey many meanings.

These selections reveal the pageantry of epic sagas depicting ancient battles, vignettes about mythical characters in exotic locales, legendary fables and the beauty of nature.


The First Emperor – As the West wind calls the Qin Emperor, Li Shimin, a ssembles his army and they prepare to set out across the vast Northern Desert. The tone of this selection is marked by tight drum tones and the clanging of gongs, representing the sheer power and epic scope of Emperor Li Shimin leading his army into battle.

A Rat-Fairy Wedding – The scene is whimsical and idyllic as the rat-fairies are wed. all of their clan celebrate with happiness and delight until an unwelcome guest arrives at the festivities.

Rolling Walnuts – In a celebration dedicated to the harvest, when the walnuts are ripe, the farmers put them on their roofs to dry. As they dry, the winds blow the walnuts down from the rooftops and, as they hit the ground, they make a ping–pong sound. This selection uses a series of drum and percussive sounds to evoke this wonderful noise and expresses the happiness of the farmers at their good fortune!

Lady Warriors – Symbolizing the passion and romance of ancient battlefields, this composition tells the story of a generation of females heroes and their sacrifice for their loving and appreciative nation.


Garden City Gathering – As farmers and their families gather to share stories of the fields: this music is about the harvest and the excitement of bringing in the bounty for all to share. The fascination with the tales imparted here so enthralls the villagers that no one wants to leave when the festival ends

The Bull and the Tiger – Invoking the nature of animals and their contradictions as used allegorically in Chinese literature and legends, this composition signifies the brave, yet uncontrollable nature of the Bull and the power and ferocity of the Tiger and is suggestive of these qualities that are alive in each of us.

Yellow Ground Soul – This musical sketch offers up to the audience the inevitable march of nature and how the earth tells us tales of eons gone by. This piece, with its emotional drum sounds, passionate tone and tom-tom performances speak to the changes of the ages and to renewal of the earth.

Happiness – People in the Chinese New Year’s celebration are very exciting. They dance, they perform. This is the happiest time for everyone.

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